The Environmental Benefits of On-Demand Digital Printing

On-demand digital printing is becoming a popular choice for many within our industry. But why choose this method, and what are the benefits over traditional manufacturing? One of the main draws to digital printing is sustainability. On-demand digital printing provides many environmental benefits and is a more sustainable manufacturing model.

Three Environmental Benefits

  1. Avoids throwaway culture.

According to Earth.Org, “throwaway culture is the practice of throwing something out after a single use.” Throwaway culture has become more of a problem with the advent of online shopping, unrealistically low prices, and near-instant delivery. However, on-demand digital printing, although quick, offsets throwaway culture by allowing consumers to order exactly as much of what they need at a reasonable price. This reduces excess waste in manufacturing, but consumers are also less likely to throw away an item because it wasn’t what they wanted, especially when they’ve smartly ordered a sample before placing their order.

  1. Consumers order exactly what they need when they need it.

The ability to order precisely what you need when you need it means there is less backstock sitting on shelves as inventory. A non-inventory business model means no unsold product heads to the landfill. It also means that customers are getting a highly personal experience. Printing on-demand is the ideal way for them to create a personalized product and have more flexibility and creativity.

  1. Lower transportation costs.

Lower transportation costs are not inherent to all on-demand digital printing. However, working with a local printer, like Graphix Unlimited, offers this added advantage. Working with a local printer means there is less distance between the printer and the customer. With less travel time on the road, ocean, or air, there are the benefits of lower emissions, lower cost, and quicker arrival at its destination.

At Graphix Unlimited, we make decisions on our inks and materials with sustainability in mind. We offer wide-format digital printing in UV, Latex, and solvent-cured inks. Digital printing substrates include gloss or matte adhesive vinyl, standard paper, canvas, reflective materials, acrylic, static cling, magnet, polyester, and fabric. We recognize that digital printing is a growing industry, and we aim to push boundaries with our services, offering our customers a product that is unique and personal to their needs.

This Earth Day and every day, Graphix Unlimited is committed to doing all we can to ensure we are making business decisions with sustainability in mind.