In the realm of creative professions, designing exterior RV graphics is about practical problem-solving. Our feature artist, Billy Villa will delve into the experiences of being a graphic designer, exploring his journey, challenges, and defining moments.

Exploring the Universe of Design

As a child, I remember wanting to be an astronomer when I grew up. I was very interested in space and the cosmos. Many years later, I realized that my love for space was truly about the visuals and the endless possibilities of the universe. This fascination led me into the design world, which shares the same characteristics of rich visuals and exploration. I also come from a very creative family and my parents created an environment where creativity thrived. Diving into a career in the arts was a natural transition.

Designing in Dimensions

When designing RV graphics an artist starts with a 2-Dimensional canvas and ends up on a large 3-Dimensional unit. “I enjoy being able to see my designs on a 3-D space.”

Testing new ideas and materials to help push the envelope of what can be done and help drive the [RV] industry forward is what Billy enjoys most about his job. “It can be challenging to visualize the end results at times. This is when you get a design to a point and continue to improve through rounds of critiques.”

Memorable Experiences: RV News Magazine

He was honored to be interviewed by RV News Magazine and enjoyed discussing new and future design trends in the industry. (see page 56). In this article Billy discusses the use of texture in designs to appeal to younger consumers, which leads us to his proudest moment working at Graphix Unlimited.

Forest River IBEX

An accomplishment as a designer was working with the team to design a new unit for Forest River called the IBEX a few years ago. “The design was unique with a rich blue triangle pattern. At that point, I had not seen a unit that was filled with large patterns.

Staying Focused

Designers know its important to stay on-trend. “I follow many designers’ social pages, read design blogs, and listen to design podcasts.”

Advice for Aspiring Designers: Problem Solving is Key

Understand the difference between art and design. Art is self-expression while design is about solving a problem. Try your best not to let imposter syndrome sneak in. Turn your intimidation into inspiration. Most importantly, breathe and have fun in the experimentation phase of design. When I stop worrying about external pressures my designs start to take shape.

Recent Favorites: Apparel Design

“We have recently been growing our apparel department and I designed a t-shirt for testing. I am a drummer, so I naturally chose a drumming theme. I enjoyed working in photoshop and creating some unique layers and color combinations.